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Delicate White King

Grand-Champion BBQ Atlantic

Award-Winning Cajun Atlantic

Mouth-Watering Spring Chinook

Outstanding Alaskan Coho

Distinct Alaskan Sockeye

Rich Albacore Tuna

Flavorful Pacific Oysters

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Company History

Jay Garrison knows a fresh fish when he sees one. He knows you must start with high-quality fish to end up with outstanding products. He learned this in his youth as a salmon packer. Today, Jay handpicks his fish. This way he makes sure his products live up to award-winning standards.

Jay rises early every morning, usually before 4 am, to begin the process of preparing the fish. Jay personally checks the smoking process every fifteen minutes. That's right. Jay inspects his products every fifteen minutes to maintain his standards of quality.

Briney Sea is not a one man show but Jay is clearly the "captain." He oversees up to 5 cheerful and professional mates that help keep the business going six days a week.